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Sidewalks of St. Louis
Ford automobile traveling at Eighteenth and Locust Streets, St. Louis, MO. Misso
Sidewalks of St. Louis
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The Swekosky-Notre Dame College Collection was created by Dr. William G. Swekosky, a St. Louis dentist and amateur historian between 1930 and his death in 1964. It consists of amateur photographs of St. Louis buildings and streets made by Dr. Swekosky, as well as vintage prints and prints from large format negatives collected by him. The collection is supplemented by manuscript real estate histories of many of the properties researched by Dr. Swekosky.

After Dr. Swekosky's death, the collection was given to the Cardinal Ritter Library of Notre Dame College, operated by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. They gave the collection its present arrangement. In July 2001, the School Sisters of Notre Dame gave the collection to the Missouri History Museum.

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