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Flight City: St. Louis Takes to the Air
Model of McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft, manufactured by Precise
Flight City: St. Louis Takes to the Air
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"Flight City: St. Louis Takes to the Air," a thrilling and comprehensive exploration of the history of flight in St. Louis, allows museum visitors of all ages to experience the exhilarating moments when hot-air balloons, airships and airplanes first soared over our city. Historic photographs, personal stories, gallery activities and treasures from the Missouri History Museum's collections chronicle our region's relationship with aviation from the earliest roots through the 20th century zenith. Visitors will learn about the men and women who let their imagination and sense of adventure take flight: aviators who awed the public with daredevil stunts and entrepreneurs who launched businesses to support the growing culture of aeronautics. Organized by the Missouri History Museum, the exhibition also examines how aviation and the demands for bigger, better, and faster modes of flight forever changed St. Louis' economy, environment and identity. 

Admission: Free

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